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Inspection camera for ROV

Digital tagging in video for documentation and still images are taken out of video.


BlueCam REC can be mounted on different types of ROV`s.


Requires ethernet and 12 Volts.


Can also be mounted on net washers and other units.

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ROVCAM is an inspection tool for the aquaculture
industry where technology works together with the
visual to achieve the best possible result.
The combination of good image quality and high
light sensitivity makes it possible to detect holes in
the fishcage in the software.
The quality of the camera with the right amount
of light allows the software to detect irregularities
and holes in the cage.
The software also provides the ability to set digital
marks and comments that are digitally attached to
the time code.
The camera system increases efficiency and the
time it takes to examine the cage for holes, and

also provides a report in text and images / film
that ensures a good documentation basis.

The system is not limited to net inspection.
This tool can be used for anchor chains, ropes and
other areas that are not easily accessible such as
the hull of a boat, and other installations.
The equipment can be mounted on existing ROVs,
but fiber communication is necessary to maintain
the quality of the camera system.
The version we are selling now is manual.
This means that the user must mark in the film
with a mouse click in case of suspicion or visible
damage. Afterwards, you can zoom in on the
pictures taken out of the film to investigate damage
You can also add comments or remove comments
that later turned out to be false alarms.
In development is also an AI software that will check
the material automatically. When this is done, it can be added to existing software.

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Recording and reporting tools in the same software.

Possibility to change, among other things, resolution, exposure, codec and storage location.

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During inspection, data is retrieved from ROV together with timestamp, depth, direction, speed, temperature and more.

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Access to summary and still image with bookmark together with any notes, time, depth and heading.

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